Welcome to the Pediatric component of Bay Area Pregnancy & Fertility Specialists. We are now not only caring for our patients throughout pregnancy but also beyond. Our Pediatrician also takes care of children in the surrounding community from newborn to 18 y/o

Our Pediatric team offers an integrative approach to medicine, treating the whole child and striving to understand the root causes of illness. Taking a holistic approach to caring for children is integral to health, and at our Practice our goal is to combine the best of western medicine with well-studied alternative healing modalities allowing for optimal health outcomes.

We offer access to a wide variety of high quality vitamin supplements for your child such as vitamin d, fish oil, and probiotics. Homeopathic and natural remedies to common childhood problems i.e. colic, teething are also available at our Practice. The need or use of these products are discussed throughout your well check appointments with our Pediatrician.  See Links and Resources for more information.

Dr. Nasta takes a personalized approach when caring for each patient. We partner with parents in the optimizing the health of their family, providing longer appointments, and a customized health care plan for each child.