Having a baby is life altering

Having a baby is a life altering experience in every way. It absolutely changes your world. This new sweet baby in your once very self /couple focused life requires unrequited love, and is completely reliant on you as a parent to take care of every need. This brings endless joy and satisfaction but can also often feel like quite a burden and responsibility to take on. I remember when I brought my baby girl, Kareena, home the very first day from the hospital it was one of the most exciting and terrifying nights of my life. At about 4am, the 7th hour in to staring at her in the bassinet next to
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Greening the Womb: A Holistic Approach for Pregnancy and Beyond

Researchers in the field of fetal origins propose that perhaps the 40 weeks of gestation is one of the most significant periods of our lives, shaping our susceptibility to disease, the functioning of our major organs, as well as influencing our temperament and intelligence. Recognizing the impact of such research, it is important to know what factors expectant parents should focus on during pregnancy to optimize both the emotional and physical health of their baby Studies have shown the importance of the “power of your plate” during pregnancy. Expectant mothers who gain excessive weight during
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