I can’t express how much comfort my wife and I have in the level of care we received and continue to receive with Dr. Nasta. From the first meeting it was clear that she both provided great care, and truly *cared* about our newborn daughter. As first time parents everything is new (I mean REALLY new) and having someone who understands that (she has two young children herself) has been a huge plus.

Responsive, accommodating and informative without a hint of judgment – Dr. Nasta has become the most trusted resource when it comes to our daughter. We continue to hear from our friends that we’re getting what they refer to as “above and beyond” in someone to guide the health of our little girl.

– Jordan K


Dr. Nasta is an amazing doctor, especially for the overly concerned first time parents. We had interviewed many pediatricians before deciding and we feel beyond grateful to have found her. She has a very gentle and caring demeanor and always listens and acknowledges all of our concerns, regardless of how silly they may be. She really helps to put things into perspective while offering a course of action. She is prompt in her responses and checks in on our little one after appointments that required treatment. She is someone that I trust and is extremely intelligent, she is just a phenomenal doctor.

– Kim K


Dr. Nasta has been our 9 month old daughter’s pediatrician since her birth and we could not be happier with her. We live in San Francisco and Dr. Nasta is totally worth the 25-30min drive on the 101. She so caring, sweet and treats our daughter as if she’s her own! Dr. Nasta is a book of knowledge and encourages questions, feedback and will even respond to emails right away or call you at home to chat when she’s at home!

We were lucky enough to have Dr. Rydfors as our OB and were thrilled to find out Dr. Nasta joined the family. You won’t find more competant, caring and loving doctor than Dr. Nasta (and Dr. Rydfors). I highly recommended her!!

– Cherry M


Dr.Nasta is absolutely the best pediatrician. We were in a different practice (where I tried 3 different Drs). The Drs were nice during the visit…but that’s where the relationship stopped. Often times when my kids were sick I couldn’t see MY pediatrician. And when I called after hours I’d get the nurse and no follow up from DR the next day. In fact, at my next visit they didn’t even know we had issues.

Not so with Dr.Nasta. She follows up when your kids are sick, calls back within minutes and ready with great tips that work! Dr.Nasta is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable which makes me and my husband feel great. She is also very sweet and loving with the kids, which makes the kids (and us) feel great too. She is worth the extra drive…or whatever you have to do to see her.

– Vlada B


Wow. I adore Dr. Nasta and my son does too. We found her on Yelp when we moved to the Bay Area last summer, and decided to give her a visit.

I’m heartbroken that she won’t be covered by my new insurance plan; she is thoughtful, always available, never condescending when we have questions about anything we notice in our newborn, she has a ‘natural’ and ‘holistic’ bent without leaning too far away from western medicine. She is well studies and takes a lot of time to educate us as new parents. I just 100% recommend her over and over and over.

Our son has had several medical issues and we trust her deeply to stay on top of it. She’ll even call at the end of the day to see how he is and if the treatment is working. She cares when we are in the office and when we are away.

You can’t go wrong with Dr. Nasta.

– Emily E


My son has been a patient of Dr. Nasta since he was born. He has had a range of issues such as colic and acid reflux. Dr Nasta is very thorough in her assessment of his health and her treatment plan for him. She is so accessible that I wonder when she sleeps! She always follows up every appointment to see how my son is doing. Dr Nasta is caring, kind, compassionate and extremely intelligent. She consults with pediatric specialists when appropriate. If you are a new parent like myself, I would highly recommend choosing Dr. Nasta for your child’s doctor.

– Rosemary M


Dr. Nasta is wonderful. She has been a great addition to the redwood city docs. My son is just eleven weeks old and i’ve felt completely at ease as a new Mom thanks to Dr. Nasta. My little man had to be taken back to the hospital for jaundice and not only did Dr Nasta call the hospital to check on him, she also called me to check in and even called me back on the weekend too. She is genuinely concerned and interested in my son’s health and wellbeing. The office visits have always been very informative and she thoroughly answers all my first time Mom crazy questions. She comes highly recommended and works together with Doctors Rydfors/ Schuftan, which makes for a smooth transition if they are your ob.

– Natalie F


I am so lucky to have found Dr Nasta. My two kids have on-going health problems and I wasnt happy with the care at bay area peds. Dr Nasta is very caring, she has taken the time to get to know my little ones -and she sees them EVERY visit. She is compassionate and has great bedside manner. If your kid is sick on Sunday at midnight you call and talk to her directly, she replies to email very quickly too.

I also love that she actually works with me on shot schedules and has recommended vitamins and herbal meds to keep them healthy rather than just “take antibiotics and go home” every month approach which sadly I did for 3 years. But what really made me realize how lucky I am was when my baby got sick over the holidays and dr Nasta sent me an email every morning of my vacation to check on him. He had a rash on christmas day and dr Nasta was on the phone with me just before dinner time. That is a doctor that actually cares about me and my children, and thats why i wish i could keep her a secret – all for myself!

– Liliana C